Omni-Channel Success: Elevating B-Sure's Brand Positioning- Marketing Communication

About the Product

B-Sure is a new sugar-free health supplement positioned as a reliable health supplement to all individuals striving for a healthy and active lifestyle. British Lifesciences, the makers of B-Sure wanted to emphasize the product’s key properties, such as:

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    Diabetic-safe (sugar-free);

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    All-round nutrient restoration (29 nutrients and antioxidants that restore protein function, essential nutrients, micronutrients, and vitamins)

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    Benefits (useful to manage blood sugar, glycaemic regulation, muscle, and bone strength, maintain heart and digestive health, and aid weight loss); and

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    Taste (Available in two flavours to appeal to all age groups).


The client wanted to create strong market awareness about the new product launch to achieve a successful market penetration. The desired end result was successful early-stage marketing awareness creation and strong brand positioning.

Key Challenges

As a new launch, the product had no previous history, and therefore no customer awareness or loyalty. Furthermore, the market is saturated with health nutrients of different grades, purposes, and branding, making product selection difficult for consumers.


We decided on an omni-channel approach to appeal to consumers via both print and digital media. After careful research of the market and customer’s strategy, we decided to create three types of assets:

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    A product video

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    An informative eCommerce-friendly webpage

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    Brochures and leaflets

Putting Plans into Action:

  • Product Video
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    As with all our videos, our team conceptualized the approach in collaboration with the client to ensure a strong message aligned with the client’s brand identity. Since the product is targeted towards all age groups from children to seniors, we chose a hero character as the product evangelist.

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    We decided on an animated video with voice-over and on-screen text to emphasize product benefits, demonstrate practical application, and illustrate overall health benefits to consumers’ lives.

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    The entire production, including illustration, animation, voice-over, and software processes were completed in-house within budget, with tight timelines.

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    The end result was a concise 40 second information-packed, engaging video suitable for release over both digital media and mass media.

  • 2. Website
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    A new webpage was designed within the larger company website.

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    Technical design focused on creating a responsive, platform-agnostic website incorporating inclusivity via accessibility features, single-page scrolling layout, and a “buy now” feature.

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    The design of the website emphasized friendliness and transparency. We adopted a minimalist theme in the company’s colours frames, and populated the page with high value-adding elements, including micro-interactions, authentic imagery, and custom graphics.

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    The end result was an easy-to-load and easy to explore, yet robust and informative webpage. Test audiences scored it high for both laptop and mobile device experiences.

  • 3. Brochures and leaflets
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    The printed brochures and leaflets were considered an important part of the client’s offline marketing strategy. They were intended for placement in department stores, chemist shops, and doctor’s offices.

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    The key endeavor was to design a website that would be self-sufficient for purely offline users, but would also tie in seamlessly with the website and video for an omni- channel experience for multi-media users.

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    We developed four concept mock-ups for the client, of which the client chose two designs. We then incorporated key elements from both designs to create the final version.

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    The result was an attractive, easy-to-spot set of brochures and insert leaflets incorporating modern typography and image philosophy. The client expressed complete satisfaction with it and stated all its intended goals had been met.


The triple-asset methodology worked extremely well. The client used the materials extensively in its launch campaign and continues to do so today. British Lifesciences expressed a desire to explore other projects to collaborate on with us. That, at the end of the day, is the best outcome we can expect!

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